Commonwealth Investment Management

Investment Portfolios Designed to Meet Your Financial Objectives

An independent, privately owned, registered investment advisor, Commonwealth Investment Management, provides equity and fixed income investment management to a diverse institutional clientele.

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The Expertise you Need, the Service you Deserve

Our professional team at Commonwealth Investment Management has developed investment strategies that provide reduced volatility and reduced turnover, all while maintaining a market performance few financial managers can surpass.  

While diligently working to control risk, Commonwealth Investment Management is also able to offer reduced fees and commissions.

At Commonwealth Investment Management, we pride ourselves on maintaining exceptional communications with our family of clients, including personal follow-up, regular reviews, quarterly reports, and newsletter updates.

  • A focus on achieving reliable, long-term results.
  • Asset allocation customized to each client's requirements.
  • Value added through multiple strategies, including allocation, sector emphasis, and security selection.

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