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Investment Philosophy  

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Balanced Account Investment Philosophy    

Charts and graphs showing stock portfolio diversificationWe believe that a well diversified, conservatively managed portfolio consisting of multiple asset classes will, over time, produce reasonable investment returns.  

  • Our focus is on achieving long-term results; we avoid market timing and short-term trading.  
  • Asset allocation is customized to each client’s requirements and is based on long-term or secular trends.  
  • Value is added through multiple strategies including allocation, sector emphasis and security selection.  

Fixed Income Account Investment Philosophy  

We believe that Fixed Income is a relatively conservative asset class that over time outperforms cash and inflation but with substantially less volatility and risk than equities.  

  • Our focus is on high quality - we do not buy below investment grade.  
  • Portfolios are diversified across sectors.  We utilize treasury, agency, CMBS, corporate and pass-through MBS securities.  
  • Value is added through sector emphasis, duration adjustments, yield curve positioning and security selection.  

Equity Account Investment Philosophy  

We actively manage Large Cap Core, Small Cap Core, Large Cap Value and Large Cap Growth equity products based on each client’s requirements.  

  • Our style involves a conservative approach that minimizes portfolio tracking error versus the benchmark.  
  • Sector and industry analysis is utilized to provide opportunities for additional return above the benchmark.  
  • Security selection involves earnings growth, price momentum and other favorable fundamental and technical factors.


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